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NewCode proposes a new framework for the interaction of human and financial capital within the enterprise system, with a focus on strategic and business planning, capital structuring, management and employees motivation, value sharing, and governance.

NewCode re-prioritizes the human capital dimension, while respecting investors and making the best of the existing capital market infrastructure, in the interest of the enterprise.

NewCode is developed and maintained by Académie NewCode, a non for profit organization comprising individuals and experiences from all areas relevant to NewCode.

NewCode is immediately implementable in modern economies.

Presentation of NewCode by François Faure


The Académie NewCode is a not for profit organisation that brings together personalities and skills whose support is necessary for the successful development of NewCode ™ in the economy: employee representatives bodies, business leaders, financiers, lawyers, business transformation practitioners, influential people.

The Académie is responsible for the development and maintenance of the NewCode Enterprise System, which is a comprehensive formulation of NewCode ™, to be made available to practitioners for implementation in the economy.


NewCode Vision is the reversal of the relationship between the enterprise and the equity layer of its capital structure.

NewCode will empower the enterprise to control the cost of this layer through a contractual arrangement (fixed return + a share in the upside), as opposed to being entirely geared towards maximising that cost, as is the case in the current system.

Conversely investors will benefit from a lower risk profile than previous equity owner, thanks to a direct and credible commitment from human capital to protect the contractual return.

This will open the way for completely re-designed governance, human capital motivation and use of capital markets.

NewCode is a civilized and consensus driven initiative to transform and improve the way financial and human capital interact within the enterprise system, and how the enterprise in turn interacts with the capital markets.

Key benefit expected from NewCode is that businesses operating under this system will be more efficient, and therefore for a given set of human and financial capital, value generation will increase, to the benefit of all stakeholders.

NewCode ambition is to overtime significantly impact the economy, and positively contribute to important matters such as employment, well-being at work, operational efficiency, and purchasing power. Any person involved in the implementation of a NewCode transformation should have in mind the collective interest of having these transformation take place in a consensual and civilized way.?

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